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Thank God! 2014 has been a fruitful year for Saint Andrews Junior Badminton CCA. Not only did the Junior team achieve 2nd position in the South Zone Inter-Primary School for the second time in history, they also reached the Nationals quarter-finals for the first time. As for the Senior team, the players fought hard through the second round in the South Zone Inter-Primary School before losing the chance to qualify for Nationals by a slight margin in the last game. All the coaches and players put in their best in the competition with display of Resilience, Unity and Self-discipline. The parents also contributed greatly by attending the competition games faithfully. They also bring food and drinks regularly and treated the boys Mcdonalds to reward the boys when they did well.

During the December holidays, we didn’t rest on our laurels although the competition was over. We conducted an internal competition for the school team players to expose them to competition situations. Many of our boys also participated in the external competition to get more competition experience. To strive for Excellence, the team is currently preparing the boys for the upcoming South Zone Inter-primary School competition. We hope the players will benefit and be inspired to do their best. Through all these, we hope that our boys will become champions in South Zone in 2015. Up and On!


To be the South Zone Champion for Senior team and South Zone top 3 finalist for junior team in 2015.


The badminton team has various programme to grow our pupils. For example, we have the Values Education programme to develop character in pupils. During this period, pupils will be given opportunities to solve a problem using the traits of TRUEWISE. They have to work together as a team to find a solution using the shortest amount of time. Through this programme, the boys would become servant leaders who will serve in the coming days.


Training for School Team: Every Monday and Wednesday 2am to 4pm

Training for CCA on Friday: 7:30am to 9:30am


School Hall (Badminton Court)

Parent can help us in the following areas

Parents can partner us by emphasizing the value of TRUEWISE to your child. This will help them to develop good sportsmanship and build strong relationship with others. You could also play badminton with your child frequently so that he is exposed to badminton as much as possible. This will help him to grow mentally and physically and help him to prepare for the badminton game.


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Mr Alvin Chooi